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Kingdom Minded Ministries/ Kingdom Kitchen Catering


Kingdom Minded Ministries fosters the Healthy Development of Ex-Offender, including Young Adults and Single Parents by offering positive employment opportunities for them. Through our Food Service Training & Character Building skills program, we help ex-felons re-establish themselves into society. Juvenile, young adults, and single parents- non-offenders will receive the same training as ex-offenders, but their certification will be in food handling, with Transitional Housing, Auto Technician, and High School diploma, or G.E.D testing.

We propose combined training food service with moral & character building ethics and lifestyle structure classes and lectures as a bulwark against recidivism. However, the bulk of the training will focus on food service: Health risk, food safety, proper food storage, controlling restaurant & food service operating costs, food, and labor costs, (cost control skill, establishing controls – financial, budgeting and organizational, sales reports and forecasting, cash flow, renting and leasing, insurance costs, market research, setting menu prices, food purchasing, food cost control records-get it right, dealing with suppliers, raising prices, scheduling your staff, employee supervision).

The students will complete:
16-weeks(2 hours/5 days a week) program and may qualify for entry into a 16-week internship with an employer partner for an additional certification. Participants will train on the job for 20 hours a week and will receive a stipend every two weeks..

Though regular follow up and outcome assessments, activity with programs, charity outings with the elderly. The project will help to increase society communication, restore healthy functioning, and reduce the need for further external intervention. We predict out of 25 participants at least a 70% percent success rate out of the class that will finish the course and get certified that we will pay at the health department. We will make use of the evaluation results.  We will keep the results on file and do a course by course assessment and adjustment. With the success Kingdom-Minded Ministries has had with the ex-offender food service program.

Kingdom-Minded Ministries seeks to expand by acquiring Heritage Hall on East Main. At this time Heritage Hall is in need of a new roof and renovations. Kingdom-Mind Ministries wishes to receive funds to make KMM operational and expand offerings to the youth and people of the community. Kingdom-Mind Ministries will continue to provide food service with ethics classes and lectures to ex-offenders, but will expand to have it available for other adults within the community. Additionally, a Young Chefs program will be implemented to serve youth and will be held at a different time. The Young Chefs program will give youth the necessary skills to get a job later in life or connect them with the vision to focus on school and achieve the benefits of the Kalamazoo Promise. Completing the renovations will allow Kingdom-Minded Ministries to acquire sustainability for future goals. Heritage Hall will be rented out creating an income for KMM to build upon its commitment to the community. Students participating in all programs will be able to hone their skills by providing catering for all rental events. Finally, Kingdom-Minded Ministries will be able to provide more community activities through Heritage Hall with the completion of the renovation. Kingdom-Minded Ministries will open its doors to the public, providing them with an additional spot for a community center.